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An online comic strip featuring a mad-scientists, a muscle-bound alien chick, an anime babe, more space aliens, big explosions, bad puns and video game humor! The strip is published regularly by Chris Morrison, and has the credit of being the first video gaming comic on the web. The title Polymer-City Chronicles comes from the fictitious newspaper that is published in the city where the characters live.

The current PCC website is located at:

...and older strips dating back to 1994 can be found at:

The regular PCC characters consist of:
Dr. Otto Bohn -- resident mad-scientist
Andrah -- big blue alien, and Otto's wife
Sherri -- token sexy anime/furry character
Mistress Laura, Flint, and Locke -- forces of evil
Lynn Deanna Jones -- sexy uhm... top heavy
H.A.R.V. -- Dr. Otto and Andrah's home/SUV
...among others

For those that have asked, here is a basic chronology to the strip in print.

Behind the Screens with Dr. Otto
-- 2/3-1993 -to- around 12/1994
-- The comic was issued in print as a b/w one-panel strip for Game Zero magazine's Comics page (published bi-monthly). What is currently on the GZ website is only the strips that were later colored when the magazine made the transition to the web. There are three stips that have yet to be published anywhere on the web from this time period.
The Plastic Valley Report
-- 3/1995 -to- 2/1996
-- This incarnation of the strip ran on a weekly schedual at the Game Zero website as a web only comic. Also, for this span, the strip was digitally colored by another of the Game Zero staff based on color keys provided with each strip from the artists.
The Polymer-City Chronicles
-- 1/2000 -to- 3/2000 Published on the Game Zero web site.
-- 3/2000 -to- 3/2001 Published simultaniously on both MPOG and GZ web site. During this time, MPOG had worked out an agreement with Chris to additionally host the comic there with both a larger presentation size and provide a page format that would allow him to speak his mind on various issues... there is no archive of Chris' writing during this span.
-- 3/2001 -to- 6/2002 After MPOGs demise, Chris migrated the comic to it's own domain. For this span, the comic is published at www.polymer-city.com and the GZ comics page.
-- 7/2001 -to- 10/2002, Chris changes PCC over from one-shot gags to an extended story arc.
-- 6/2002 -to- The polymer-city.com domain is lost to a domain harvester. A new domain is registered and the comic is now published at www.polymercitychronicles.com as well as still appearing at the GZ comics page.
-- 10/2002 -to- 5/2003, due to time constraints and reader feedback the story arc is abruptly ended and the one-shot gag format resumes. Around this same time, the strip falls back to a twice a week update schedual.
-- 5/2003 -to- 10/2003, new story arc begins.
-- 10/2003, color added to the format.
-- 6/2004, polymer-city.com reclaimed and relinked to the site.

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