The Roseland is a peninsular area, in Cornwall, on the Southwest coast of England.

Portscatho, is a charming coastal village in an area called the Roseland. We noticed a smaller village nearby, called Portloe, and decided to take a visit. I got some instructions to get there.

The next morning, we drove off to find Portloe. She read the map, I drove. We had trouble finding Portloe. I couldn't find the right road. After backtracking a few times, we noticed something odd about the road-signs along the way, and finally decided to try a different turn, a wrong sign, down the right road, and-- there it was!

In a tiny village, on the Cornish coast, we found a few houses, a hotel, a post office, and some shops. Behind a small pier there's a narrow fishing slip, with a donation box to support maintenance of the port. We saw some fishermen, and some farms nearby, raising sheep. There might be more livestock than people living around Portloe. I'd not be surprised.

At one of the village shops, I mentioned the confusing road signs on the way in. It was said that someone occasionally turned the road signs around, because they did not care much for strangers.

Everyone I saw in Portloe was friendly. I put a couple coins in the collection box, at the side of the slip.

This picture shows boats on the ramp, and the collection box on the right-hand wall.

This picture shows Portloe from the coast side.

The Cornish coast has endless beauty, and some surprises.

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