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A first generation Power Macintosh, the 6200 may hold the distinction of being marketed under more names than any other Macintosh.

Introduced on May 1, 1995, this unassuming machine in a Quadra 630 case was known in Europe as the Power Macintosh 6200/75, after the 75MHz PowerPC 603e CPU that powered it, and in North America as the Performa 6200CD. This in itself was not a problem; after all, it would not be the only time that Apple would release a machine under a different name in different markets.

However, by October of the same year, the machine was already beginning to develop a severe case of multiple personality disorder, having been rereleased in North America with different hard drives as the Performa 6205CD, 6210CD, 6214CD, 6216CD, 6218CD, 6220CD, and 6230CD. Additionally, the Performa 6300CD, also introduced in October, was the same machine with a 100MHz PowerPC 603e processor.

Things would only get worse in 1996 when Apple once again added different hard drives to the machine and, coupled with the same CPU as the 6300CD, rereleased it outside of America as the Performa 6260CD, 6290CD, and 6310CD in June, January, and February respectively. At the same time as the 6260 was introduced, the motherboard was fitted with a 120MHz 603e and rereleased as the Power Macintosh 6300/120.

The final release of the system design came in October of 1996, when the PowerMac 6300 was upgraded with a 160MHz CPU. This brought the number of names that the system had been sold under to a total of 15.

Perhaps convinced that this wasn't quite confusing enough, Apple eventually replaced all the previously mentioned models with the similarly named Performa 6360, which used the same case but was based on the second generation Elixer motherboard found in the Performa 6400.


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