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Album by heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released in 1984.
This is the follow-up to 1983's Piece Of Mind album, and it is the first Iron Maiden album to have the same line-up as on the previous one. The cover-art shows people carrying a sarcophagus of Eddie, who is about to be buried in his own pyramid (which has a giant statue of him in front). On the cover for 1985's Live After Death (recorded live on the tour that accompanied the Powerslave album, you will see Eddie rising from the grave, so 1984 was not the end for him. The cover-art was drawn by Derek Riggs, as usual.

Bruce Dickinson: vocals
Dave Murray: guitars
Adrian Smith: guitars
Steve Harris: bass
Nicko McBrain: drums


1. Aces High.
Written by Steve Harris. A war song, about fighter pilots in World War II.

2. 2 Minutes To Midnight.
Written by Adrian Smith and Bruce Dickinson. The title of the song refers to the Doomsday Clock. The song is about the morality of politicians and warmongers.

3. Losfer Words (Big 'Orra).
Written by Steve Harris. It's an instrumental song, because they couldn't think of lyrics for it. That's why it's called Losfer Words. Big 'Orra how the english pronounce "big horror", and it was a big horror that didn't have lyrics for the song.

4. Flash Of The Blade.
Written by Bruce Dickinson. A song about a boy who's family is murdered, and he's learning to fight with a sword so he can avenge his family.

5. The Duellists.
Written by Steve Harris. Based on the movie of the same name, which in turn was based on the novel The Duel by Joseph Conrad. It's about two french officers during Napoleon's reign.

6. Back In The Village.
Written by Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith. A song based on the tv-series The Prisoner.

7. Powerslave.
Written by Bruce Dickinson. This song is about an Egyptian pharaoh, who has died and, as described in Egyptian mythology, wanted to come back as a god.

8. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner.
Written by Steve Harris. This is the longest song Iron Maiden have written, and it about 14 minutes long. It's based on the poem of the same name, by Samuel Tayler Coleridge, about a mariner who is cursed.

Update: September 29, 2000

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