The largest production aircraft piston engine in the world. The R-4360 was the end of an era. Developed in the mid 1940's when jet engines were being developed that would eventually surpass it. Nonetheless it managed to make a niche for itself and remains dear to many hearts, mine included.

It is a 28 cylinder radial engine, 4 banks of 7 cylinders each in a helix configuration for cooling purposes. It was first run in 1941 and first flew in 1942.

It's specs and features:

4363 cubic inches (71.5 liters) ~156cid per cylinder.

Horsepower ratings:
Takeoff (With water injection) - 3500 @ 2700rpm
Takeoff (without water injection) - 3250 @ 2700rpm
Normal Cruise - 2650 @ 2550rpm
Max Cruise - 2800 @ 2550rpm
These are normal ratings, later ratings got up to 4,300 horspeower under special circumstances.

Compression Ratio:

4 Bendix low tension dual magnetos (1 for each bank of 7 cylinders).

Spark Plugs:
2 18mm per cylinder with one booster coil each for a total of 56 plugs/coils per engine.

Integral single speed gear driven 6.374:1 blower ratio or integral single stage variable speed hydraulically driven supercharger. Provisions for optional Turbosupercharger, Turbo compound, or Variable Discharge Turbine (VDT).

Notable aircraft that used the R-4360:
Convair B-36 Peacemaker (6 R-4360-53 with fuel injection produced 3,800 horsepower)

Boeing B-50 Superfortress (4 R-4360-35)

Boeing KC/C-97 Stratotanker (4 R-4360-59)

Fairchild C-119 (2 R-4360-?)

Hughes H-1 Hercules (8 R-4360-?)

Goodyear F2G Super Corsair (1 R-4360-?)

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