Despite the social stigmas against it, frog meat is a great delicacy, recognized from France to the heart of midwestern America to mainland China. I recommend using meat fresh off the gig, but there is always the canned option. For most of the dishes the meat needs to be skinless, as the tough skin resembles that of pork.

Frog Legs

The most widely recognized preparation of frog meat. The focus of the dish is the legs of the frog. They can be fried in batter, broiled, steamed, or sauteed. Basically you can prepare them any way you would chicken. (no wonder they taste like chicken, right?).

Frog Soup

This is a chinese delicacy that requires little work. Boil the frog limbs until tender in a soup base of your choice. Some recommended soup bases:

You can add things like eggs, rice, dumplings, or any kinds of greens.

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