Pressure points are places on the human body where a small amount of pressure can be applied to bring about dramatic effects. An Oriental doctor or homeopathic remedy devotee might say that they are places where nerves, veins or chi bundle up under the skin, subjecting them to manipulation. Digging your thumb into a pressure point - according to the literature - can cause paralysis, pain or relaxation, or maybe even unclog your sinuses or relieve a headache. I learned a few of the "ouch" variety when I was babysitting this pack of satan-spawned mid schoolers. The hollow of the collarbone, a few places under the upper arm, under the jaw, and behind the hip bone. These are 100% guaranteed to convince any little mutant to stop doing whatever he or she was doing and pay attention.

Pressure points used in martial arts are based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Most points are the same as the ones used in acupuncture, but some aren't. The pressure points are located on meridians along which chi flows. By applying the five element theory on these points one can regulate the body. The angle and amount of force are also important and knowledge of the location of the pressure point isn't enough itself.

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