Print Shop was the shit. It may still be, but I haven't used it since I was ten years I wouldn't know.

This piece of software allowed you to create really crude flyers, banners, greeting cards (you had to fold the 8 1/2" x 11" paper up yourself}, etc. There was, included, a large library of low rent Clip Art which could be used to spice up your little creation...hands pointing, cartoon animals, birthday cakes, etc.

Upon completion, you spit your creation out into the world via a dot-matrix printer. Halftone; that was it. Large square pixels.

The most fun thing was to create really long, silly banners. Banners printed out on many successive sheets of paper; printer paper, at that time, came in a long accordion-fold sheets which you had to rip apart. You didn't rip let 'em go longer and longer.

Typical things to write on a banner would be: Happy Birthday, you Butt Monkey! From: Us!

or: Mrs. Tomlinson smells like Poo Poo!

Remember, you're in fifth grade.

Print Shop made Desktop Publishing a recess activity.

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