Yes you've probably called your own mobile phone number to find out where your phone is, but you've gotta be pretty stoned or lost before your print something to find out where the printer is.

I did it just now and was pretty spooked out when I couldn't hear the printer (the CD player was too loud), but instead felt the paper crawling up my leg.

The printer was under the desk.

Not to be confused with "printing something to find out if you have a printer"

Aside from being stoned or lost there are actually uses for printing something to find out where the printer is.

Imagine the scenario... you've just landed that support job in an organisation that has felt the wrath of an admin who enjoyed thinking up esoteric names for machines dotted around the campus. Naming all the machines after obscure Russian poets may be a mark of a highly intelligent mind, but really doesn't help when you're trying to find one for some reason.

So when the camel's back breaks, you've got to find it. You could use traceroute, DNS records and switch configurations to find it, but that's time consuming. So out of each printer comes a single sheet of paper...


To whomever may find this message

Please phone the helpdesk on extension xxxx

and tell us where this printer is...

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