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The launch of the euro has made sex cheaper in Berlin. Prostitutes were quoted on Wednesday saying that they were opting for a two for one exchange against the German mark. This represents a price cut of a little over 2 percent.

"We've rounded down, we're charging 60 euros for straight sex for half an hour when we charged 120 marks before" says a sex worker at a brothel in Berlin. "We're only taking euros now".

That's about 1.36 euros cheaper than if the mark's official exchange rate was applied.

It appears that not all of Germanys sex trade is in agreement. A hidden price increase has emerged on Hamburg's Reeperbahn, the country's most famous red-light district. The Bild newpaper is reporting that the price of a 100 mark session has gone up to 60 euros - an increase of 17.35 percent.

Source :Reuters

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