The PWA: A part of the NIRA.

Established in 1933, the purpose of the PWA was to stabilize the economy and provide employment for citizens currently unemployed as a result of the Great Depression. FDR created this administration as a part of the National Industrial Recovery Act with the idea that he could provide jobs by commissioning the construction of publics works. In this way the money would be given to the people in payment, and the labor would go to benefit the people as well. Public bridges, dams, housing projects, public parks and other such "public works" were constructed and loans were made to state and local governments intending to use the money for similar purposes. Seven billion dollars were spent by the PWA during its time in operation. The PWA was under the administration of Harold L. Ickes. It began in 1933 and ran until the early 1940's. This was the largest public works program undertaken in the History of the United States, and the translation from 1940 dollars to 2004 dollar would be somewhere in the trillions.

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