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A large and usually grumpy (if not downright hostile) mollusk, properly found only in Narragansett Bay and its associated waters. Known for being abundant, easy to catch, rather tasty, pretty cheap, and wickedly sharp. Using them as Frisbees has been the downfall of many a Rhode Island beach-going child. Note the punning etymology of Scarborough beach, and that its sand is a ruddier tone than is normal for this coast.

Qua"hog, Qua"haug (?), n. [Abbrev. fr. Narragansett Indian poquauhock.] Zool.

An American market clam (Venus mercenaria). It is sold in large quantities, and is highly valued as food. Called also round clam, and hard clam.

The name is also applied to other allied species, as Venus Mortoni of the Gulf of Mexico.


© Webster 1913.

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