A website documenting serious gravity and inertia manipulation research, in particular the Podkletnov effect and the Woodward effect. While the maintainer is a believer in the possibility of modifying inertia and gravity, he is not wedded religiously to one approach, and the site contains solid information, references, and links.

The site can be found at: http://inetarena.com/~noetic/pls/gravity.html

The name is derived from H.G. Wells' 1899 story, First Men on the Moon. In it, a scientist named Cavor discovers anti-gravity in the form of a mineral paste called cavorite. He used this substance to shield a sphere from gravity, allowing the characters inside to travel to the moon.

Since the site was initally created to document work on the Podklentov effect, which allegedly produces an anti-gravity effect from quantum weirdness.

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