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This is a video game for the Nintendo 64. Not only was it the first roleplaying game of the system, but it was geared for little kids who wanted nothing more than to hit the walrus and look at pretty colors.

A noteworthy thing about this game is that it's the first roleplaying game on a console that I did not play all the way through. I mean, cripes, I suffered through Beyond the Beyond, but this game was just too mind numbing for me. The world was lush, and interesting, but it was too one track. So was the story, go here, kill this. Get this, then bring it to him. You were constantly just walking onward, and I didn't like it that much.

The battle system was neat though. It had the same basic mechanics as Parasite Eve and Vagrant Story, so I have to give it credit for innovating in that field. Apart from that, you didn't get new weapons, or armor, and it was just tedious and mind numbing, walking around everywhere smacking things with a little wooden stick. Nintendo seriously should've gotten its act together on this one.

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