A board game based on Monty Python's The Quest for the Holy Grail invented by some folks at the University of Connecticut. The object is to get your game piece twice around the board and then correctly answer a trivia question. Can be played with either sugar, caffeine or alcohol as preferred method of intoxication. No playing of this game has ever been finished by means other than all the participants collapsing into heaps or leaving to run a few laps around town. The rules:
  • Every player must speak with a silly accent throughout the playing or be forced to "Down Your Grail" and imbibe. A byproduct of this finding yourself speaking in silly accents whenever intoxicated as a means of self preservation even when not playing the game.
  • All players have a knightly name that must be used throughout play.
  • All 5s are 3s and all threes are 5s.
  • At any point you may challenge any other knight to a joust with stakes ranging from one sip to Down Your Grail. High roll wins.
  • If you land on the square marked Eccentric Performance you must do something until someone says "My, what an eccentric performance." or down your grail. The best square in the whole game.
All right, they had too much free time, but it was college. It's still one of my favorites.

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