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RMP, or the Royal Military Police, is a British Army Corps whose primary role is to Police the Army.

As the senior service, the RMP has the power to arrest and detain Nava and RAF Personnel in conjunction with its own investigations, but not the other way round.

The RMP are part of the Adjutant-General's Corps, a Corps who provide personnel support to the British Army

Other than its main units, the RMP also run two sub-departments - CPO and SIB. CPO is used to protect British Dignaterys where ordinary British Police cannot go, and as such overlap heavily with the SAS. SIB peforms a similar job to that of the CID, performing long term investigations, of Army Personnel.

All tom's within the RMP are promoted to LCPL upon finishing their training, to give them the rank they need to have influance.

One nickname in common use for the RMP is "Monkey Pigs" (as a matter of interest...)

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