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from ru21.com:


RU-21 supports the body’s natural ability to metabolize alcoholic beverages. When taken with alcohol, the natural ingredients in RU-21 support alcohol metabolism by slowing down the process of ethanol oxidation into toxic byproducts which occur with alcohol consumption. RU-21 aids the body’s digestive system by supporting the decomposition of alcohol’s digestive byproducts into acetic acid, water and carbon dioxide. "


RU-21 is a pill that should be taken just prior to or while drinking alcohol. It is recommended to take one pill for each drink consumed. The pill will not alleviate any of the feelings of intoxification but will readily inhibit the toxic byproducts of alcohol consumption. It is still advised to drink plenty of water as the diuretic effects of alcohol are not controlled by RU-21. RU-21 is not meant for the chronic drinker, who should still pursue therapy or AA, but rather the moderate drinker that experiences the unpleasant effects of an alcohol hangover.

RU-21 is manufactured and distributed by Spirit Sciences, a "research-oriented multinational corporation specializing in developing, testing, manufacturing and marketing of breakthrough health products." The production facilities are located in Russia and Bulgaria, employing top scientists from the fields of toxicology, narcology and biophysics. Spirit Sciences products at over 200,000 retail locations throughout the world.


When I think of the Cold War I think of two superpowers creating elaborate means of spying on each other. I imagine Bond-like agents using Q-like gadgets to one-up their adversary. I do not imagine a cure-all pill for hangovers. Thankfully I do not know everything, because the Cold War gave us just that. The Russian Academy of Sciences took 25 well-spent years researching and developing the "KGB" pill, only one of the products they were charged with developing for the Soviet Military Intelligence. Of course, the general public likes hangovers no better than 'ghosts,' and RU-21 was introduced to the Russian market in 2000 and then the United States in 2003. With no paid advertisement RU-21 managed to explode into a multimillion-dollar operation inside of seven months.

Pack of 20 tablets: $6.79
Carton of 6 packs/20 tablets each: $39.99
Economy Carton of 24 packs/6 tablets each: $45.99

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