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Radical Fish

Introduced in 1992 by the Beard juggling company from Hebden Bridge, England, Radical Fish are a very distinctive juggling club. In looks and feel, they are unmistakeably juggling clubs, but the body and handles are much slimmer than normal. There is a spherical bulge in the middle of the body, which gives a well-balanced, but lazy spin.

They were designed due to popular demand for a club which would flip up from the floor easily - a common start to a juggling pattern; and one which is good for passing with a partner.

The standard version comes with white handle, and coloured body. The deluxe version has holographic tape around the 'normal' parts of the body, and an undecorated white bulge. Two weights are available, 210g or 180g, and a shorter version is available for children, called the piranha.

Why should I use them?

Generally loved or hated, there are several reasons to use fish.

  1. Coolness - Their distinctive look makes you stand out, and with the bulge being undecorated, the holographic tape lasts longer, as it should never contact the ground in the unlikely event that you drop them.
  2. Numbers - Due to their lightness and slender body, if you are intending to juggle 5 or more clubs, fish are a distinct advantage - basically, there's more space up there in the air for them. Also, the slow spin means a lot of air time for a low number of spins, and that means less panic for you.
  3. Lightness - When making errors in your juggling, their lightness means the damage to your head and thumbs will be less painful.
  4. Passing - When passing with a partner there are, again, more clubs in the air. Their slender bodies help them to avoid each other.
Radical Fish is now a recognised design style, and Beard have introduced a diabolo and devilstick along the same lines.

Personal correspondance with Beard Enterprises Ltd.

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