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The Ragabash is one of the Garou auspices from Werewolf: the Apocalypse, a World of Darkness game from White Wolf.

The Ragabash's moon sign is the new moon. (The other auspices are: Theurge: crescent moon; Philodox: half moon; Galliard: gibbous moon; and Ahroun: full moon.

Ragabashes are tricksters and ne'er-do-wells. They have gifts that allow them to be thieves and burglars with impunity, as well as gifts for travel and satire. Ragabashes thumb their nose at accepted behavior and for the most part, bring a needed opposing point of view to Garou councils. Some Ragabashes are vibrant practical jokers, while others are quiet loners.

The Ragabash has 1 point of starting Rage.

Rag"a*bash` (?), Rag"a*brash` (?), n.

An idle, ragged person.

Nares. Grose.


© Webster 1913.

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