Railroad Slang
What modern day glossary would be complete without some kinda slang in it? Slang runs the world, baby! Admittedly, these are a dash old school (found in grammar school reader I have from 1966), but they're neat nonethless.

Clown wagon: a nickname for the caboose.
Alley: a clear track
Bug Torch: a trainman's lantern (though, I've heard this used in reference to camping lanterns).
Rattler: a frieght train
Hand Shoes: a pair of gloves
Lizard Scorcher: the cook I don't even want to think about the etymology of this term.
Brain Plate: refers to the metal badge worn on a trainman's hat.
Rubberneck: an observation car (basically, ya know...today's average, ordinary commutercar. You get windows. OOOH. :)

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