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Steve knew a lot about climbing and caving, and knew these things should be done with careful forethought.

So, plans were made for a Halloween weekend trip. The gear, clothing, food and weather reports were checked, and double-checked; Steve knew these things could mean the difference between life and death, even for the experienced.

When they arrived at the cliff, Steve got high with his buddies and set up their gear to rappel down the cliff. He checked the harnesses, the ropes, and the carabiners, and secured one of the ropes.

Steve went down first--literally, on the wrong rope.

Nobody followed. Steve had an accident. He went rappelling down a 250 foot drop on 120 feet of rope.

His last words were, "Oh, no... Here I go!"

A friend of Steve now ties a very large knot at the end of his rope when he rappels.

That's not a bad idea.

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