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With the release of Warhammer, 6th edition, veteran players were left with a problem on their hands. What were they to do with their armies, their meticulously planned army lists, et al? The Warhammer Armies books from previous editions were rendered incompatible with the rules re-write, and replacements were not due out for at least a couple of months, depending on the army covered in the book.

Therefore, so as to allow people to keep playing until their army list become available, Games Workshop produced Ravening Hordes - a booklet containing "15 'get you by' army lists". Essentially a stripped-down collection of lists, they are brand new and fully compatible (and designed for) Warhammer 6th Edition. For each army, a selection of Characters, Core Troops, Special Troops, Rare Troops are available, most familiar to older players but also some new additions to the forces. There are also a small selection of magic items available, unique to each army.

Once the relevant Warhammer Armies book has been released, it immediately supercedes any and all information detailed within Ravening Hordes as far as tournaments and 'proper' battles are concerned. They are only intended as 'get you by' lists, after all.

The armies detailed within the booklet are as follows:

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