ok this has been frustrating me for a bit. i wanted to know how all of the redhat releases were related. this is what my search has turned up. between each release there is a line starting with -- that suggests their relation. each line starting with -- is a possible relation

7.0: Pinstripe
--zootsoots have pinstripes
6.2: Zoot
6.1: Cartman
--cartoon characters
6.1: Lorax (beta)
--dr suess characters
6.0: Hedwig
--figure skaters
5.9: Starbuck
--battlestart gallactica characters
5.?: Apollo II
5.2: Apollo
--two large government projects (moon/bomb)
5.1: Manhattan
5.0: Hurricane
?.?: Thunderbird
4.?: Biltmore II
4.2: Biltmore
--famous hotes in NY
--biltmore estate is the name of the vanerbilt family home
4.1: Vanderbilt
--Womans colleges
4.0: Colgate
?.?: Rembrant
3.?: Picasso

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