Canada's Extreme Right wing party. They are lead by Preston Manning and are the Official Opposition party. Under their leadership Canada would end up like the US. They are trying to merge with the Conservative Party of Canada, who want nothing to do with the reform party.
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The Reform Party of Canada ("I just love that word Refooooorm!", see also, Air Farce) is now disbanded. In it's place we have the Canadian Alliance, which is, from what I can tell, the same thing as the Reform Party, except with a different leader. During the leadership race for the Canadian Alliance, there was much mudslinging between the now leader, Stockwell Day, and the former leader of the Reform Party, Preston Manning. The new Canadian Alliance is now at odd's with the PC Party, lead by Joe Clark, and an upcoming Federal by-election will let leaders of both parties have a chance at seats in the House of Commons.

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