Ravanex Suite is a new multi-platform client/server program created by Bracast. Designed to revolutionize the internet trading community, this new software will probably be the demise of Hotline, the current client/server giant out there.

Basically the suite is two things:
1)A server program which lets anyone create his own server at home or at work.
2)A client program which lets you connect to any Ravanex server who's ip you know and on which you have an account.
Then there are all sorts of interesting features like a chat window, user window, instant messaging, account management, news forum,playlist editor, backup manager, file compression, and of course upload/download capabilities.

This new transfer aid, will be compatible with MAC OS X and all versions of Windows. So those on Linux, *BSD, BEOS, Solaris and other random operating systems will have to go without for the time being.

Those interested, can expect it's release period to be in the first quarter of 2003. Screenshots of the Suite itself can be found here : http://www.bracast.com/.

Also it's important to note that two different versions will be availible. The first one is the free version which you will be able to download and which will contain only basic options for running the server and client. The second version will be purchased for 14.99$ U.S. which will contain all advanced options to make your life easier. The suite will also be offered in three different languages; French, English and German. (Note: the internet site will also be offered in those languages)

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