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People who are self-centered may have difficulty taking enjoyment in things they cannot or should not be controlling; and hence have a problem taking joy in cheesiness. Since somethings go along by themselves, out of your control, it is better to open yourself to the cheese than to try to master the cheese. Attempting to master things which are beyond your control will only bring hardship and sorrow, for you will find yourself frustrated and stymied at every turn. For some people, the easiest way to enjoy things they cannot control is to get drunk.

An excellent example of enjoying cheesiness is the practice of watching bad action films as comedies. A movie where the action is supposed to be *wow* but just isn't makes an excellent comedy, especially when watched in the presence of a master who knows how to properly enjoy a cheesy movie. I thank my Dad for my training in this area. An Indiana Jones movie is pretty good on its own, but it's even better when all of the stunts are just hilarious and you laugh out loud a lot. Another example is a commercial for a Pontiac I saw once which was extolling the great handling of this car by comparing it to a shopping cart, because shopping carts handle really well at 100 km/hour on the open road. Anyway, at the end, the car turns this corner at the top of a steep hill, and the shopping cart can't make the corner and tumbles down the hill. For some reason, the image of the shopping cart rolling down the hill struck something in me, and I laughed with a loud, joyful voice. All the people in the room looked at me like I was crazy, but they already know that because they were all family. I haven't seen that commercial since; I think the marketroids figured out that comparing the handling of a shopping cart to that of the new Pontiac something-or-other wasn't such a good thing.

When the band at a party is cheesy, deal with it and dance anyway, but in as cheesy a manner as possible.

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