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Reynosa is a city in Mexico in the state of Tamaulipas. It is located on the US border, across the Rio Grande from Hidalgo, Texas (several miles south of McAllen). The population of Reynosa is about 370,000.

Reynosa was founded in 1749, 13 miles from its present location. Its founding father was Captain Don Carlos Cantu, who led fifty families of settlers (a total of 238 people) and 41 soldiers to settle the site. Unfortunately, the original location was subject to constant flooding, so in 1802 the city was moved to its current location.

Reynosa has a number of industrial parks, which are home to over 170 "maquiladora" manufacturing plants that employ about 70,000 people. The economy is also supported by gas and oil processing, agriculture, livestock, and of course, border tourism. It is also a cargo transport facility, being both a road junction and a railroad depot. Reynosa is home to the Reynosa Broncos, a Mexican minor league baseball team, as well as science and chemistry schools of the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas and the Mexican-American University of the North.


McAllen, Texas Economic Development Corporation

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