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Interesting pink/peach/orangy colored mineral, usually found in large opaque or translucent banded masses (though there is the occasional transparent crystal). For years it was only mined in Afghanistan; other sources have been discovered but there still isn't a lot on the market. It is only a 4 on the Mohs hardness scale so even when crystals are found they are difficult to cut/facet well; there's too much tendency to cleave. Rhodochrosite jewelry is usually cut in cabochons and placed in settings that protect the stone and won't get banged around. (You hardly ever see rhodochrosite bracelets or rings, in other words; more earrings and pendants.)

Rho`do*chro"site (?), n. [Gr. "ro`don the rose + a coloring.] Min.

Manganese carbonate, a rose-red mineral sometimes occuring crystallized, but generally massive with rhombohedral cleavage like calcite; -- called also dialogite.


© Webster 1913.

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