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      Robert Munsch is a magnificent storyteller who has written many great children's books. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and now lives in Guelph, Ontario. Munsch started telling stories when he worked at a daycare to quiet children when it was nap time. After many urgings from friends and family, he decided to publish his first book based on one of the tales he told in his daycare, called Mud Puddle. Mud Puddle only sold 3000 copies the first year, but Annick Press kept publishing more of his books anyway. It took ten years for Mud Puddle to have it's best year in sales! Mr. Munsch eventually quit his job and began writing stories full time. Over time he became a best selling Canadian author, but his books were not selling as well outside Canada. This changed after his publication of Love You Forever. He wrote the story in memory of two stillborn children he had. To date it is his best selling book, translated into many languages, with over 18 000 000 books sold as of 1999. Robert Munsch refines his stories by telling them to groups of children and improving them with each telling. When they are good enough, he writes them down. He now has 35 books published. Robert Munsch also writes poetry, and has a habit of showing up at schools and day cares unannounced for story telling sessions. He usually bases his stories on real children.


50 Below Zero
A Promise is a Promise
Alligator Baby
Andrew's Loose Tooth
Angela's Airplane
David's Father
From Far Away
Get Me Another One
Good Families Don't
I Have To Go
Jonathan Cleaned Up
Love You Forever
Millicent and The Wind
Moira's Birthday
Mud Puddle
Murmel Murmel Murmel
Purple Green and Yellow
Show and Tell
Something Good
Stephanie's Ponytail
The Boy in the Drawer
The Dark
The Fire Station
The Giant
The Paper Bag Princess
Thomas' Snowsuit
Wait and See
Where is Gah-Ning?

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