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Rocket Arena:UT is a mod for Unreal Tournament which seems to be modeled after the original Rocket Arena, for Quake games, although I never played RA for Quake.

Included with RA:UT are some features which make it better than its predecessor; The first of these would have to be Unreal. Since Unreal Tournament is a game built on the Unreal Engine, it looks prettier, and plays better on my box than Quake games.

Also in RA:UT's favor is the bot support. I could be wrong on this, but UT tends to have bots vastly superior to Quake bots. Why? Quake bots are the same in every game and skill level. The only difference is that their aim improves as you up their ability.

However, the bot support for RA:UT still is a fantastic disappointment, because Unreal/UT bots are driven not by need for silicon love or cyber sex, but instead for want of powerups. Since RA:UT features no pickups of any kind, the bots' true level of incompetence is immediately made clear. There is a substitute for pickups that only the bots can detect because they are invisible, but they are not very effective. However, botmatches can still be enjoyable, even though a fair measure easier than playing online with human opponents.

Is RA:Quake better than RA:UT? Probably. But I never bought any of the Quake games, so I guess I'll never know.

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