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So I have this rash on my face that is most likely exposure from a chemical at work. I wake up looking like muther-fucking Apollo Creed been walloping up on my eyeballs and I was like, "Cut me, Mick, Cut Me!"

So I go to the clinic and they give me a steroid to accelerate the healing and I am like, "Yeah, this stuff is working! My pumpkin head is starting to go down, and I feel all amped-up, too!"

So I drive to the Gym and totally have a Wicked Workout! I pumped that iron like a Boss for, like, two hours and still feel like I could go on all night!

Then this Juicehead is like, "Hey, Man, can I cut in between your reps?".

But I am like, "Can I cut in on Yo' Mamma?"

And the dude is all like, "Whatchoo.." when BAM, I head-butt that Fool right in the nose and start kicking him in the ribs without even thinking!

It was the Roid Rage, Man!

That is what I just told the Desk Sargent, "Man, its not my fault, it is the Roid Rage! I'm on a steroid for my face rash!"

But Sarge is all, "You Dumbass, that is a cortisol steroid you are taking! The Roid Rage comes from Anabolic Steroids, you Dumb Shit!"

Well, at least I don't have to worry about my nuts shrinking.

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