A brand of Cigar that started in Cuba, but has since moved some of their operation to the Dominican Republic so that their cigars could be sold legally in the United States. In my opinion, one of the finest cigars made. I suggest the Double Corona size. I spent over $150.00 in a week while in The Bahamas, on these cigars alone.

A short clarification to excellent noder kolzig's post on Romeo y Julieta. The operations of Romeo y Julieta were not technically partially moved to the Dominican Republic so that those cigars could be sold legally in the United States. What did happen?

After the Cuban revolution, most industries in Cuba were nationalized. This included the cigar industry. All cigars in Cuba are now technically made by a single state run enterprise. The owners, prior to nationalization, of Romeo y Julieta, began anew in the Dominican Republic. For some of the other cigar brands that are produced in both Cuba and elsewhere, a similar pattern occurred. In some cases, the prior owners started over elsewhere, in some cases they simply sold their brand name.

By the way, Romeo y Julieta, is also the Spanish translation for Romeo and Juliet, the play by Shakespeare.

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