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Character from Final Fantasy IV by Squaresoft. Trained as a white wizard. Father was an unnamed dark knight (dead), mother an unnamed white wizard (living). Friend of dragoon Kain Highwind and engineer Cid Pollendina. Love interest of dark knight Cecil Harvey.

Full Name: Rosa Farrell
Class: White Wizard
Age: 19
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Birthplace: Baron
        ^^^ Stats Source: Final Fantasy IV Settei Shiryouhen

Walkthrough of Rosa's contribution to FFIV:
When Cecil deserts Baron, Rosa follows after him. Upon reaching Kaipo, she is struck with desert fever and is bedridden. Cecil and caller Rydia of Mist find her, and Cecil heads out on a mission to find the sandruby to cure her. Luckily, it is on the way to Damcyan where he is currently headed.

Cecil returns with sage Tellah and the bard prince Edward Galbart Chris von Muir of Damcyan, who took the sandruby from his pet antlion. Rosa is cured of her fever. She journeys with the party to Fabul to try to warn the king there of Baron's imminent attack. They reach the castle in time and successfully persuade the King Fabul to increase his defenses.

Unfortunately, the might of Baron's Red Wings proves to be too much and Fabul's crystal is taken, although the castle survives. Rosa is also kidnapped by the new commodore of the Red Wings, Golbez, and her old friend Kain, who maintained his allegiance to Baron.

Golbez offers Cecil and co. an exchange of Rosa for Toroia's earth crystal. Cecil accepts the proposition, and sets about taking the crystal. The exchange is successful (although Tellah is killed), and Rosa is returned to Cecil. Kain, left at Cecil's mercy by Golbez, rejoins the party.

At this point, it is thought that Golbez had obtained all the crystals necessary for his devious plans, but it is discovered that in addition to the five crystals of light there are five crystals of darkness in the underworld. Cecil still has a chance to win. The party journies underground on the Enterprise, and meets the dwarves as well as their king, Giott. Unfortunately, they are unsuccessful at guarding Giott's crystal from Golbez.

Knowing that Golbez needs only one last crystal, Cecil decides to make an attempt to steal the ones he has back. Rosa and the party climb the Tower of Bab-il but are pushed off by Golbez. They lose one of their companions, monk Yang Fang Leiden, but are saved by Cid Pollendina (who himself is lost).

Back on the overworld, Cecil is distraught by does not give up. He takes Rosa, Kain, and Rydia through a cave in Eblan to try to breach the tower there. On the way, they are joined by ninja prince Edward Geraldine of Eblan, aka Edge.

The party falls down the tower a second time, back into the under world. Luckily, Edge happens upon one of Golbez's new airships. The party steals it, and Edge names it Falcon.

With the new wheels, Rosa and the party sneak into the Sealed Cave using a key given them by Giott with the plan of taking the last crystal before Golbez. Although they are successful, Kain smotes Cecil and takes the crystal. He yells at Rosa, who it is apparent he is in love with, and escapes back to Golbez.

Back on the overworld, the party heads to Mysidia where the elder raises the Big Whale from the water. The huge craft is capable of flying to the moon, and that is exactly where they take it. After a small voyage on Luna, Cecil, Rosa, and the party are met by lunarian FuSoYa. He tells them of his people's past, their influence on the party's world, of KluYa, Cecil's father, and of Zemus. He then joins them to stop Golbez's Giant of Bab-il from destroying the world.

After flying back from the moon, the party sees a huge robotish giant being pummeled by dwarven tanks and Baron's airforce. They take the opportunity to fly into the machine's mouth, hoping to destroy its CPU. The job is dissapointingly easy, and Golbez's plans are shattered.

Golbez accosts Rosa and Cecil but is stopped by FuSoYa. The lunarian removes Zemus's mind-control, and Golbez realizes that he has been fighting for the wrong side. The two lunarians (Golbez is the first son of KluYa and Cecil's brother) head back up to the moon to put a stop to Zemus.

A defeated Kain is yet again at Cecil's mercy. He begs forgiveness from Rosa, who reluctantly accepts him. Cecil, remembering their years of friendship, gives Kain another chance also. The new party then makes plans to reinforce the lunarians on the moon.

At first, Cecil will not allow Rosa and Rydia to journey with the men, thinking that it is too dangerous. Rosa completely ignores him, making him look like a baffoon. And so, the final party of Cecil, Rosa, Kain, Edge, and Rydia fly to Luna.

The party descends to the cold (and then hot) depths of the moon. At the core, they watch Golbez and FuSoYa lay the smack down on Zemus. Just as they are congratulating each other, however, Zeromus rises from the body and lays down a little smack of its own.

Rosa and party are defeated, but the praying of the people on their world give them strength. Cecil uses a crystal on Zeromus, displaying its true form. After a long, hard fight, Rosa and Cecil are victorious. The lunarians Golbez and FuSoYa withdraw farther into the core to go into an extended sleep.

The party returns to their homes. Rosa is married to Cecil and becomes the new Queen of Baron. During the ceremony, she is congratulated by all past party members except for Kain, who has left Baron a bitter and broken man.

She lives happily ever after.

disclamer: please note that I have included a bit of poetic license in my write-up. Actual events in the game may differ very slightly.

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