Roy Thomas was born in 1940 in Missouri, he began his involvement in comic books with Alter-Ego, the first superhero fanzine in 1961. Alter-Ego was the brain child of Dr. Jerry Bails. Roy was the fanzines assistant editor and its major contributor.

Roy took over publication of Alter-Ego in 1964. In 1965 he was working with Charlton Comics, and for a short time at DC, when after a few weeks, he was offered a job at Marvel Comics as writer and editor of Conan, the Avengers, among many others.

He became Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Comics in 1972, and resigned in 1974.

Mr. Thomas is still involved with comics and among other things is currently creating a web version of Alter-Ego.

Some of the many comics he was involved with are:

Publishers he has worked for:

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