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The Royal Peculiars are places of worship within the Church of England that have an independent status, in that they are not subject to the control of the bishop in whose diocese they lie, but are rather come directly under the control of the monarch.

They originate from a variety of historical reasons, some accidental and some deliberate, but they continue to operate as functioning places of worship and also, in many cases as significant tourist attractions.

The two most important Royal Peculiars are;

but other examples are,

1.The Chapel Royal

2. Royal Chapels

(The distinction between the two is that the Chapel Royal is a specific institution whereas the Royal Chapels are merely private chapels in the ownership of the monarch.)

Sourced from here and there and in particular THE ROYAL PECULIARS -Report of the Review Group set up by Her Majesty The Queen London 2001 available online at the The Lord Chancellor's Department at http://www.lcd.gov.uk/majrep/royalp.htm

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