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Episode 2F09 of The Simpsons, Homer the Great.

As a brief summary, Homer learns of a "secret society" that most of his friends belong to called the "Ancient Society of Stonecutters". And he manages to join. And, not surprisingly, manages to get himself thrown out by using the Sacred Parchment as a bib while eating ribs. Oh dear!

Until, of course, they spot a birthmark on him which, according to their lore, means he's "The Chosen One" and they must all respect him.

NB: Grampa Abe Simpson is also a Stonecutter (which is how Homer manages to join, being the son of a Stonecutter). How come Abe didn't spot it when Homer was born?

Back to the story. He gets exalted above all the rest of the guys, and gets to do what he wants. And they also let him win at all their favourite games.

  • At the bowling alley, Homer bowls a 9, and Chief Wiggum shoots down the last pin (yes, shoots it with his gun) for a strike.
  • At pool, someone holds up the pool table so on Homer's break, all the balls go into the pocket (although I think this would actually be a foul break...)
  • And the "Royal Sampler".

Homer and his mates are playing Poker. And Homer loses the round. But oh no, the Stonecutters can't let the Chosen One lose! So they say Homer's hand (Three, Six, Ten, Jack, King in random suits) is the "Royal Sampler". And this beats all.

Of course, eventually Homer and the guys get bored of this and it all falls apart.

So now you know! Thanks to www.snpp.com episode capsules for refreshing my memory on some of the exact details (like what cards constitute a Royal Sampler).

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