Rule 36 is one of the putative Rules of the Internet, which can be most succinctly stated as "It's somebody's kink". This is related to both Rule 34 (which states essentially that "there's porn of it") and Ugol's Law (which states that "If you have to ask if you're the only one with a given kink, the answer is always no").

More precisely, the rule states that for any concept x, the probability that someone finds that concept to be a turn-on or even an outright paraphilia is directly proportional to the sample size. The general assumption is that for any x, the Internet collectively is a large enough sample size that the probability is within delta of 1.

As disconcerting as the implications of this rule are, I've found, in my admittedly limited experience, that it's generally true. Pregnancy? Downright pedestrian! Oviposition? Yep, that's a popular one. Puke? Oh yeah, that too, squicky though it is. Inflation? You needn't look very far! Roguelike BDSM while wearing BDSM? Umm, yep.

Just don't ever look to see how deep the rabbit hole actually goes. Some things CANNOT be un-seen. No matter how much brain bleach, or mental floss you use. (Oh, and yeah, that's someone's kink, too...)

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