An ancient Russian Christmas carol (Carol of the Little Russian Children); arranged for wind ensemble by Alfred Reed, which is contrary to the popular belief that it was an entirely original work. However, the fact that it is an arrangement in no way lessens it's importance or the impact the work has on people who hear it.

Motives derived from the liturgical music of the Eastern Orthodox Church, and some original music form the basis for this musical impression of Old Russia during the jubilant Christmas season.

Although the piece is cast in the form of a single continuous movement, four distinct sections can be recognized. Reed originally subtitled these sections Children's Carol, Antiphonal Chant, Village Song, and the closing Cathedral Chorus.

Recordings of this work are extremely difficult to find even though it seems like every year some college band does it in their marching show or Winter Concert.

This piece of music changed my life and made me want to compose. If you ever have the chance to hear it live, do so.

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