A new pill undergoing clinical trials in the US that treats a common kind of leukemia. The results so far are very positive, and the pills have very few side effects. It's very exciting to see something that might take away all the pain and anguish of conventional cancer treatments - chemotherapy with its extreme pain, fatigue and hair loss; often dangerous surgery... it also has the advantage of potentially being much cheaper than existing treatments, which will reduce the financial burden on suffering families in countries without socialized medicine, not to mention government health agencies themselves. The pills are designed to seek out and destroy cancer cells, based on work by recent Nobel Prize winners in determining exactly what causes cancerous cells to become cancerous.

kiladogg says: you might want to update this writeup - the drug was approved by the FDA for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia, and is now known as Gleevec...it's currently being tested to see if it works on other cancers.

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