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Sequel to SaGa Frontier, the eighth game in the SaGa series.

A very different game from its predecessor, SaGa Frontier 2 was given a somewhat warmer reception.

Unlike the previous game, SaGa Frontier 2 was extremly linear. Players had no world map to freely walk around on, and instead went from one scenario to another by choosing from a list. It was impossible to revisit older areas, making item hunting somewhat hard. This fixed the major complaint about it's predecessor.

There were two main characters, Gustave the Steel and Will Knights, each with their own set of scenarios. You could switch between these two scenario sets during the course of the game. Both had to be completed to finish the game.

The idea was to give players a period of 'History', and allow them to take part from two different perspectives. While this is a neat idea, it was poorly implemented. There is not a very strong link between the two quests, and the dialogue is extremly dull.

The battle systems are what make the game worthwhile. There are three battle modes: Duel, Party and Army. Duel mode is a one on one battle, where you make combos out of a set of basic commands. Party is Party vs. Party, which is the more traditional battle system, and Army, where you control groups of four people around a battlefield.

These battle systems are tied together quite well. Any new combos you make in a Duel battle become selectable attacks in Party battle. Army mode uses the party battle system when you attack an enemy group, the twist being you have to wipe the other group out in one turn, or they get a reinforcement for the next turn.

Difficulty is medium to hard, and is reccomended to those who like battling in RPG's.

The graphics are notable for being hand painted backdrops rather than prerendered. This gives the game a unique, and beautiful look.

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