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One of the regions of Quebec. It's in fact composed of two separate places. One would be the Lac-Saint-Jean. Like its name says, it's a big lake, surrounded by small towns, with Alma being the biggest one. The local people there are usually friendly, and there are more girls than guys so it's a pretty good place to party in the summer time. The other part of the region is Sagunay, which is the Indian name for "deep river" or something like that. The two main towns are Chicoutimi and Jonquiere, which are only 15 minutes apart from each other. Like the Lac-Saint-Jean, it's a pretty standard small Quebec region. Friendly poeple, great scenery, lots of outdoor activity and lots of girls.

One could not speak of that region without mentioning the fact that we are heavy drinkers. In fact, we have the most drunk driving death accidents of the province, which is not a realy cool thing. It's probably because we like to party so much! Anyway, if you have the chance to visit I think you're gonna like the place. Great partying with lots of beatiful ladies, very nice scenery winter or summer, and lots of nice people. Just don't drink and drive!

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