In indonesian language (bahasa indonesia), sakti means almighty, in the spiritual and supernatural terms. Being a country that has many supernatural myths flowing around the people, sakti becomes a much-used term to describe some of the dukuns (wizards, or so supposedly) that still lives along others in the villages (mainly a Javanese thing).

You wouldn't believe how many people claims to be orang sakti (or, sakti man). I had this magazine of people claiming to know santet (indonesian black magic), full of mystery articles about supernatural occurrings in Indonesia, (e.g woman raped by a ghost, student got mind controlled by a ghost etc).

The thing is, inside the magazine, there are tons of advertisements on santet (black magic) services, offering what those "make penis fast" style spam emails do: wealth, better sexual life, plus the extra of being bladeproof, avoided from dangers or bad fates etc.

These "orang sakti" also combines their santet advertisements with the islam religion, which is the most popular religion in Indonesia. But in the magazine I saw, there were also some chinese-looking "orang sakti" that offers different services, now combined with traditional chinese supernatural thingamajigs (e.g pat-kua / that octagonal mirror thing).

So, next time in Indonesia, provided that you understand some indonesian, these magazines are quite fun to read (interesting articles, often has lots of sexual content too :p). It's probably no different than those UFO magazines, but still good.

Sak"ti (?), n. [Skr.] Hind. Myth.

The divine energy, personified as the wife of a deity (Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, etc.); the female principle.


© Webster 1913.

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