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Gargling with salt is a very effective and cheap way of ridding yourself of halitosis or the general 'Frog in the throat'. Simply fill a small(ish) cup with water, add salt, stir it up a bit so it dissolves, and gargle a few times. I recommend using lukewarm water. Put as much salt in as you can stand to taste - however clearly there is a point where adding more salt ceases to improve the gargling.

The reason that this works so well is that the salt in the water kills (at least most of) the germs in your mouth causing the bad breath or 'Frog in the throat'. By the same logic, you could use dishwashing liquid, however I've found that this usually leaves you with a lemon-lime taste which is not easily aquired.

And also, I thought I might add that after you've finished, you're not going to have a minty fresh colgate breath or any such thing - you'll probably want to go and brush your teeth afterwards - but at least you will have gotten rid of (most of) the germs causing bad breath.

Just thought I'd share

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