Samantha was enchanting in the moonlight. Her creamy complexion glowed softly in the darkness, raven-blue highlights slid along her endless hair, and diamond stars twinkled in the tears on her cheeks.

"Oh Jeremy!", she sobbed, "we cannot be married! My father has said he will cut me off without a shilling!"

"Oh Samantha, Samantha!", I comforted her, "We don't need your father's silly money! I can earn some pin money with my writing, and you have your inheritance from great aunt Matilda…"

"My inheritance! If only! It was all in shares in Tasman Gold…"

"Tasman Gold? Wasn't that the mining company that went bust around last Christmas?"

"Yes. The shares are worthless! Without my father's money I'm penniless!"

It was then that I realised that I had never really … loved Samantha.


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