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Santa Dog is the first release by The Residents, consisting of two 45s, each with one song to a side. Each song is attributed to a different composer and band, all pseudonyms for The Residents. Fifty copies were made, and sent out to various luminaries, such as Frank Zappa, and Richard Nixon. Frank Zappa's however, never reached him, as the address was wrong. This copy of Santa Dog was later auctioned off.

The first disc contains the songs Fire (Composed by Wanda Play, and performed by Ivory & The Braineaters) , and Lightning (Composed by Della Gnue, and performed by Delta Nudes). The second disc contains Explosion (Composed by M Givens and performed by The College Walkers), and Aircraft Damage (Composed by B Barnes C America, and performed by Arf & Omega featuring The Singing Lawnchairs).

The last song is actually a cut from the soundtrack for The Residents infamous incomplete movie Vileness Fats, containing dialogue and music. Every few years, The Residents would revisit the piece and redo Fire as a new song, updating it with new sounds and lyrics to fit the current style of The Residents. The most recent rerelease of Santa Dog is titled Refused, in reference to the copy sent to President Nixon, which was returned. It contains all the previous versions of Santa Dog, and several new songs that fit thematically with the original.

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