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satanoscillatemymetallicsonatas, or 'SOMMS' as it is commonly known, is the title of a bonus disc released by Soundgarden, part of a 2 CD limited edition reissue of Badmotorfinger released in 1992. 100,000 copies were released and now used copies of this album fetch about US$90 apiece. The title is also a palindrome, in case no one noticed. The track listing follows:

1. Into The Void(Sealth) (Lyrics by Chief Sealth,Music by F. Iommi,W. Ward,J. Osbourne,T. Butler)

2. Girl U Want (Written by M. Mothersbaugh/G. Casale)

3. Stray Cat Blues (Written by Jagger/Richards)

4. She's A Politician (Written by Chris Cornell)

5. Slaves And Bulldozers (Music by Shepherd,Cornell, Lyrics by Cornell)

The first track was originally done by Black Sabbath. Soundgarden bassist, Ben Shepherd, heard the song and recgonized that the words Chief Sealth(for whom Seattle was named) had written in protest of the white man's settling in of his territory fit the meter of the song. Track 2 was originally recorded by Devo and released by them in 1980. Track 3 was originally recorded by the Rolling Stones. Track 4 first appeared on a free double-sided flexi with the December 1991 issue of Reflex magazine and also appears on the 'Burden In My Hand' single, released in 1996.

Sources: Unofficial Soundgarden Homepage(http://web.stargate.net/soundgarden/)

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