Scap"u*lar (?), a. [Cf. F. scapulaire. Cf. Scapulary.]

Of or pertaining to the scapula or the shoulder

Scapular arch Anat., the pectoral arch. See under pectoral. -- Scapular region, ∨ Scapular tract Zool., a definite longitudinal area over the shoulder and along each side of the back of a bird, from which the scapular feathers arise.


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Scap"u*lar, n. Zool.

One of a special group of feathers which arise from each of the scapular regions and lie along the sides of the back.


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Scap"u*lar (?), Scap"u*la*ry (?), n. [F. scapulaire, LL. scapularium, scapulare, fr. L.scapula shoulder blade.]

1. R.C.Ch. (a)

A loose sleeveless vestment falling in front and behind, worn by certain religious orders and devout persons.


The name given to two pieces of cloth worn under the ordinary garb and over the shoulders as an act of devotion.

Addis & Arnold.

2. Surg.

A bandage passing over the shoulder to support it, or to retain another bandage in place.


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