Or how to make quantum mechanics work for you!

The Schrodinger's Cat Theory states roughly that when an event with two variable outcomes dependent on a single variable trigger is unobserved, that it enters a superposition, therefore both states are maintained at the same time.*

The original problem was designed around the aforementioned cat of fame, but after reasonable deduction, I believe that it can also be applied to an office work situation.

Take your modern-day office. Lots of people working away on computers, generally unobserved by fellow colleagues. Assume that they all have internet available, and have a varied amount of concentration.

Now, there are two states that an employee can be in. They can be either a) Working away merrily or b) Abusing the internet like normal people.

In the original experiment, the outcome was determined by the decay of an amount of unstable particle, where a precise point of when the trigger would occur could not be determined. In this situation, the concentration level of the worker is the variable trigger.

Now, the employee is in an unobserved environment, due to most offices being cube farms, so they are in a superposition, at least as far as an outside observer is concerned, i.e. The Manager.

In essence, this means that both states apply simultaneously, therefore as long as the boss isn't watching, you can do all your work and browse Everything2 at the same time!**

*I studied Chemistry at university, not Quantum Physics, so this may be complete cobblers.

** Using this excuse in a work disciplinary may in fact get you fired. Blame the fact that they don't teach Quantum Physics in the work orientation.

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