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Censorware package for Windows, commenced by the Church of Scientology This is a highly informal name given to it by Scientology critics. Also known as "sceniositter".

In 1998, the Church of Scientology started distributing CD-ROMs to their followers, enabling them to get to the Internet. The CD-ROMs generated "personalized" home pages (see spamdexing), and installed a censorware package.

The censorware package, of course, was designed to block sites that were critical to the CoS. Additionally, it blocked IRC connections and newsgroups.

It was very similar to Cybersitter package, and was apparently also produced by same company.

Some sites it blocked included xenu.net (Operation Clambake), several FreeZone sites, many ISP home page sites that hosted critical web pages (can we say "overbroad blocking"? I guess we could), and some search engines, including DejaNews.

Newsgroups it blocked included, of course, alt.religion.scientology and many related groups, skeptic newsgroups, and rec.humor for some reason.

Also, it blocked a lot of words, mostly "interesting terms" and names of the critics. The method they used was rather odd, because it just removed the word in question, no matter what the context was - "Disney's Animal Kingdom" became "Disney's l Kingdom" because Anima was pseudonym of a critic. Phrases like "foot bullet", "Xenu" and "Lisa McPherson" were all dirty terms.

The filter list itself was cracked by people who cracked Cybersitter.

For more information, refer to Operation Clambake website at http://www.xenu.net/archive/events/censorship/

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