Have you had too many scooby snacks?
You've misspelled the name of my favorite cartoon dog!

Ah, non non, mes amis!

I too jumped when I saw these words hovering above me in a shower of dazzling pixels. I too moved my cursor sharply downward, ready to punch Nodeshell Deletion Request. But wait! What is that trumpeting noise?

It's Google to the rescue!

Scoobi Do, or Scoobi-Do, is not just a trivial misspelling or a keyword on a strange page full of cartoon porn. (Hey, at least the characters in this cartoon were adults. I saw you reading that Powerpuff hentai.) No - it is also a special twisty ridged pasta!

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather. And I'm Italian.

Scoobi Do is apparently rather an unusual shape. It is often offered as part of a line of "fun shapes" or "speciality pastas." ItalPasta offers a photograph on their page: they show it as an extra-twisty tube, and reveal that it is also known as cavatappi.

Canadian Living magazine recommends this pasta in their macaroni and cheese recipe, which is full of tasty chopped vegetables. They suggest fusilli as an alternative pasta shape for this dish, but in a Scoobi-riffic pasta salad, they consider rotini to be a good second choice.

Because of its hollow shape and ridged sides, Scoobi Do would be an excellent choice for a dish with a heavy sauce, like a very nice thick pomodoro. Its ridges and twists will hold some of the sauce. The mouth of the tube will also work to carry even more sauce to your own mouth. You could put lots of mushrooms in here, or some peas, or little capers in a cream sauce... mmm.

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